All students will already have studied English for at least 6 years.  Curriculum and teachers resources will be available. Master degree pursuit for Azusa Pacific, Biola Concordia  universities will be available for those who are in 2nd year ERRC teaching program.The University Subject Teaching Program focuses on allowing students to become confident working in their field of study in an English setting. In both of these areas, academic success and proficiency is highly respected in China and provides a bridge for developing relationships both in and out of the classroom. Teachers find Chinese students are both responsive to classroom instruction as well as eager to become friends.

A third program is available for business specialists.  Under the title of Management Resources Alliance, business experts can offer short term lecture services to Chinese business students in their specific areas of specialty.  For more information, see Special Topic Lectures

general Requirements

ERRC teaching programs require a one year commitment to teach undergraduate university students in the English Teaching Program.  Teachers placed in graduate English programs or special topics (University Teaching Program) can be placed for either fall or spring semester.    Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • The English Teacher Program requires Bachelors degree + 2 years working experience, TESL certificate or Master degree in humanity field + TESL Certificate.
  • The University Teaching Program requires a Master’s Degree (Ph.D preferred) with professional or teaching experience in field of expertise.
  • Minimum Commitment Length:  one year for teaching undergraduate students ore one semester of the graduate students


Since host institutions provide housing as well as a monthly stipend, financial obligations are minimal.  ERRC is committed to helping each teacher identify a sending team that often is delighted to help fund outgoing expenses (such as insurance, visas, airfare, partnership fund).  All applicants must be willing to join the ERRC Partnership Team.   Singles, couples and families are welcome to apply.