English has become the international trade language and China is eager to learn from and dialogue with business professionals of the West. Opportunities are available both for teaching English business communication skills as well as enrichment classes in business subjects from law to finance and human resources.

The host institute will provide a free furnished apartment on campus. Reimbursement for international airfare is available for candidates committing to a full year term with the host institute. Monthly stipends are more than sufficient for living in China.

All Positions are in the major cities and leading universities, mainly along the China’s eastern coastline Most classes are 35 students with teaching assignments involving maximum 14 hours teaching time per week for business English and 10 hours lecture time per week for business subjects. Semester or term positions may be available,

BUSINESS Requirements

Applicants should meet the following criteria to respond:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree with teaching or business experience. If teaching business subjects should hold Master’s degree or higher, if teaching business English should have TESL training. Should be a mature Christian in excellent health with good people skills. Debt-free. Fluent English speaker.
  • Fundamental knowledge of lesson planning will be required, although ERRC does provide some curriculum development resources and a TESL curriculum guide to aid in lesson planning.